Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Home fries

Where I grew up every diner had hash browns. I LOVE hash browns but here in NYC they serve with their egg breakfast home fries. However most dinners over cook the potatoes because they cook them early in the morning and they sit on the grill and get a bit soggy. I learned how to make them just right for my husband because he is a home fries guy. My way of doing it may be a little more tedious but it guarantees them to be just perfect. We like them to be crispy on the outside and like a mashed potato in the inside. Give them a try and let me know what you think. 

2 - 3 Russet potatoes
2 -3 tbs of Canola or Vegetable Oil
2 tsp of Lawry's seasoning salt


Peel 2 - 3 russet potatoes. Cut them into bite size pieces and into a medium pot filled with cold water. Bring to a boil and cook for 12 to 15 minutes. stick a knife through the middle of one of your bigger pieces. If it goes through easy your potatoes are done. Strain and let sit and dry. Put 2 - 3 tbs of Canola oil in a large skillet on high heat. The trick to the crispy crust is to not add the potatoes until the pan and oil are piping hot. Add the potatoes and let sit for about 5 minutes or until you see the crust forming on the bottom. Don't touch the potatoes until that happens or you end up steaming the potatoes and crust will not take place. Add about 2 tsp of Lawry's seasoning salt or whatever seasoning you like. Toss and let the other side crust up and continue until most of the sides are golden brown. 


  1. I love the humble potato - delicious!

  2. Yum yum yum, I LOVE home fries. I love to eat them with a bit of sauteed bell pepper and onion. I haven't used Lawry's seasoning salt before...need to get my hands on some!

  3. Yum! Proper home cooked chipped potatoes. Love 'em. :)

  4. Yummy. Next time I'll try it your way! ans, lucky me, in Italy we always have fresh herbs that give the potatoes a really mediterranean taste!

  5. I never want hash browns, but home fries--the best. YOurs look delicious!

  6. Hello -

    These Home Fries would be great for breakfast or dinner!
    I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger. If you would like to nominate blogs/bloggers you follow, see my post "The Versaatile Blogger". Allen.

  7. Tried this recipe exactly and turned out perfect! Thanks for a foolproof recipe.