Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bacon Egg Sandwich

First time I ever had a bacon egg sandwich was from a diner here in NYC. They are usually made on a Kaiser roll but sometimes on a bagel or even a croissant. I like them on all three. The trick to these sandwiches is to cook the yolk all the way through but not too hard. I made this one with cheddar cheese but most are made with American cheese. It is best to toast the bagel with butter under the broiler so it softens up. Try one for breakfast or even lunch and let me know if you think it is delish.


2 eggs
1 everything bagel
2 slices cheddar cheese
3 slices of bacon
1 tbs butter
salt and pepper


In a non stick pan fry bacon until crisp. Remove and drain oil. Add two eggs and break up yolk with spatula. while that is cooking toast bagel with butter under broiler for 2 minutes. cook eggs for 1-2 minutes scramble it together and flip. Add cheese and cook 1 minute. flip one egg on top of the other. salt and pepper. layer eggs and bacon on the bottom of bagel and top and eat.


  1. I'm going to NY this weekend and I cannot wait to get an amazing bagel!!! This made me want one so bad!

  2. This sounds like perfection to me! I love eggs, bacon and sandwiches. *rethinks her sunday breakfast*

  3. This is usually my Sunday morning treat from my deli. It woud be a good idea to make it for myself LOL