Saturday, November 26, 2011


I love going out to eat but I hate trying a new place out without any idea if the food will be good. Today was a prime example of why. We decided to get a bite to eat with the kids after seeing the Muppet's. My kids really wanted a hot dog and my husband was craving a hamburger. So we walked into a place called Yard House. I asked for a table for 4. As the waitress is walking us to our table I am scanning the tables to see what food looks good. That was my first warning because there wasn't a single thing that was to my liking. Then we were greeted with a very nice waitress and Menus with about 7 pages. That was my second warning. I normally try to steer clear of places that have a menu with more than 2 pages. It is a huge sign that the food is average at best. While Ben was in the bathroom I scanned the menu and my eyes stopped on the Roast beef dip. I'm from Seattle where french dips are very common. It is also one of my favorite sandwiches. I talked Ben into it because we can order a burger just about anywhere but a french dip is something you never see in a NYC restaurant. My kids each order a $6.95 hot dog with fries and drink. We waited awhile for our food and once it arrived I asked Brody if he wanted mustard and ketchup on his hot dog. He said no because he wasn't really that hungry. This is the same child who 30 minutes ago was begging me for a hot dog at the movie theatre. I don't like bringing my children to restaurants for this reason alone. The food is over priced and they never eat it. I got quite angry with him and told he not only is he not allowed any candy for the rest of day he is going to give me $6.95 cents for his meal. He basically looked at me like....ok. Now that used to work with Coolidge but nothing will make Brody do anything he doesn't want to do. I then began to eat my sandwich. One bite and I noticed there was way too much fat on the meat. So I opened it up to remove the fat. I took another bite and realized it was disgusting and it had nothing to do with the fat. The bread was supposed to be toasted garlic french bread. It wasn't toasted shit it was not even warm. I told the waitress it was horrible and that I didn't want it. Ben just shrugged his shoulders and ate his. I told him I am not eating it. They said they could make me another but at this point I was done and just wanted to leave. We asked for the check and the waitress brought us the bill with the sandwich still on it. I told Ben and I am not paying for that sandwich. I got up walked over to my waitress and told her I wanted to see the manager. She escorted me back to my table like I was so crazy and said she would bring him over right away. I got myself all prepared for a fight. You see in NY they don't just take stuff off the menu without a fight so I am preparing myself to tell him just what I think of his sandwich. He walked right up to my table and before I could get 2 words out he tells me I am sorry mam that your sandwich was not made properly. I have already taken it off your bill and handed me the new bill and took away the old one. I was speechless because I have never in all my 15 years in NY fix the problem without a battle.

This experience is exactly why I only go to eat at places that are recommended and why I constantly go back to the same places and order things I know that will make it worth every penny. It is just not right to spend $11.95 on a sandwich that made me want to gag. I know some of you may think she must just be some sort of food snob. But actually I'm not. I still like to eat the same frozen Geno's pizza from the freezer section that cost $1.50 since I was a kid. I just think you should be able to get something better when you go out to eat and spend all that money.


  1. I am very picky about my french dip sandwiches as well. Maybe it is a Seattle thing, but all the things you describe about the sandwich would have made me gag as well. I like the meat to be thinly sliced, very little or no fat and the bread HAS to be toasted. I need the crunch. IF I feel brave enough to take the kids to a restaurant, it has to be one that I know the menu. That way I know what I will order for Logan. I hate when I order something for him and he doesn't eat it. I'm glad you didn't have to put up a fight. I'm assuming it wasn't the first time that manager had to take something off a bill. lol


  2. Is this the Yard House in Yonkers? If so, it can only be that bad because it is so far from their home base in California. The Yard House is first and foremost a bar and thus bar food.
    The owner I have known over the years and when I speak with him next; I will convey your dissatisfaction.

    Yours truly,
    Unca Randy

  3. Wow, Randy you really do know a lot of people. Yes this was in Yonkers and I am wondering if it was due to weekend craziness and the fact that it is a new location for them. I would give them another chance but have to say I will be a skeptic. I hope you email him my blog. Ben says he thinks reviews will end up being why people read my blog. ha ha ha.

  4. I hear you loud and clear on this one.